Omnibug for Chrome

I have created a Chrome version of the Omnibug extension. It functions much like the Firefox version, with the following caveats:

It also includes lots more metrics providers, including:

Get It

Download: Omnibug for Chrome is available at the Chrome Web Store.

Use It

  1. Bring up Chrome's DevTools by pressing Ctrl-Shift-I (Mac: Cmd-Option-I).
  2. In the DevTools panel, click the O Omnibug tab.
  3. Load (or reload) a page with analytics tags to decode and display them.

More details available at the main page.



Omnibug is open-source software! You can check out the source code on GitHub. Pull requests welcomed!

Travis-CI Build Status


To report a bug, please use the issue tracker on GitHub.

To request a feature, or for general comments and questions, feel free to email me.


If you find Omnibug useful, feel free to make a donation (via PayPal) by clicking on the button below. There is no obligation, of course.


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Omnibug for Chrome is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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